Local Delights

3 km 1.5 hours

Taipa Village offers a wide variety of bites to amaze your taste buds – from local bakery shops, street foods to a sumptuous selection of Chinese and International cuisines that convey a delightful tasting journey for the foodies. The Cunha Street is no stranger to all visitors offering an array of local eateries. Follow our recommended spots to enjoy an opulent feast.

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  • 1 Cunha Street

    Explore the Cunha street for a variety of local delights and desserts - from egg roll, serradura, durian ice cream to pork chop bun. It's a journey full of smell and taste.

  • 2 Alley Experience

    Cycle along the winding and quaint alleys, treasure hunt for unique shops offering distinguished boutique, art and handicraft products.

  • 3 Tai Lei Loi Kei

    Taste the signature crispy pork chop bun and milk tea in Tai Lei Loi Kei - the traditional local cafe which has been receiving heaps of visitors and tourists everyday.

  • 4 Neighbouring Shops

    Walk around Rua Correria da Silva and Rua do Regedor and explore the specialty of a variety of shops selling local products.

  • 5 Flea Market (Weekend ONLY)

    Spend your weekend in the flea market infused with an array of art and handicraft products, along with the immersive cultural performance and live entertainment that leave you in awe.