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Taipa Village is an ideal getaway location for leisurely stroll to restore your capacity. Quaint alleys, narrow walking paths, cobblestones, vivid colonial facades, multi-storey Portuguese houses and lamp posts collectively convey a testimony to the village’s past. Follow our leisure spots and activities, take a breath of the fresh air and you will find yourself fully rejuvenated.

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  • 1 Cunha Street

    Explore the Cunha street for a variety of local delights and desserts - from egg roll, serradura, durian ice cream to pork chop bun. It's a journey full of smell and taste.

  • 2 Coffee at Fong Da

    Authentic coffee made by a selection of coffee beans. Don't miss their signature iced coffee.

  • 3 Cycling / Alley Experience

    Cycle along the winding and quaint alleys, treasure hunt for unique shops offering distinguished boutique, art and handicraft products.

  • 4 Walk in Chung Tai Garden

    Take a fresh air in the largo square near Pak Tai Temple - the garden is a relaxing place to recharge your capacity.

  • 5 Evening drink in Old Taipa Tavern

    Enjoy the hip and chic vibe of the city with a drink in Old Taipa Tavern. Try out their draught beers and snacks!