Wandering Rabbit – Yike(Mainland China) x Own Theatre (Macau)

流浪兔 - 伊可 (中國內地) x 自家劇場 (澳門)

Yuki, an artist who previously studding in France, has newly created the concept of “Creative Interactive Art and Therapy”.  With body and media, this concept integrates people, environment, art and mind, directing audience for a better self- understanding to achieve self-healing.

Yuki advocate that every audience share an equal status to communicate with artists and art-works instead of looking at art-works quietly and passively accepting the information delivered by the artist.

In her performance, Yuki personifies as a wandering rabbit randomly linking with audience in a sharing environment, directing audience to spontaneously expresses his/her instant emotions and creatives, triggering the inner communication and self-understanding between artist and audience, integrating the environment, exhibition extension, instant feedback and interaction through body movement but without one word~

The Wandering Rabbit has wandered around Shanghai, Denmark and Beijing before a long overdue visit to Macao. It will stroll along Taipa Village and help you search a corner of tranquility in your heart through art.


Leisure Area at Rua do Pai Kok, Taipa


15 Jan

10:30 am – Leisure Area at Rua do Pai Kok, Taipa

3:00 pm – Taipa Library